The Fourth Sunday after Pentecost - June 20, 2021

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Sorry about the audio today, we'll have to look at it later this week. 

Service Times:

Previously recorded services will be posted here for the benefit of households

Divine Service 1st & 3rd Sundays
Service of the Word 2nd & 4th Sundays


Sunday, June 20 - Kayla Zimmerman will be baptized and confirmed in the Evangelical Lutheran Faith.  God is good and we thank Him for His unfailing grace and mercy.

VBS has been schedule for the last week of July (26th - 30th).  Please let the Board of Education know if you plan on participating.  Registration has been extended to June 25th.  Sign up at: 

Our District Office has made some recommendations about Moving Forward After Covid.  Please consider and share your thoughts on how this guidance relates to us with Immanuel's elected officers.

The Adult Sunday school class has started a new series on the stories of the Bible.  There's a lot more to them than you think.  As the Apostle Paul tells Timothy in 2 Timothy 3:15, "The Scriptures are able to make you wise unto salvation".  Come and see!

We are continuing to have our services in-person.  You may want to wear a mask.  You may want to sit in either the balcony or the fellowship hall.  We respect your choices in these matters.

The midweek Bible study is currently taking a break through the summer.  

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A Miraculous Intervention

A storm come upon the disciples while crossing the sea.  There is bailing and other frantic efforts made while Jesus remains at the helm of the ship, fast asleep.  Does He not care?  Of course He does, but why does it take so long for the disciples to turn to Him?  Do they not yet know who He is?

Sermon Text:

Mark 4:35-41