July 2016


Lutheran Church

July 1st, 2016

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Every year is special.  New challenges.  New situations.  New changes.  We are all adapting constantly to new things in our families and in our work places and among our friends.  This year at Immanuel we are going to try a number of new things.
Based on feedback gathered throughout the last year, we’re going to try to start a new youth program.  We’re going to try and work together with our sister congregations in our circuit and in our region.  We’re going to try and participate in District events, and we’re going to change our Sunday School opening in a way which will help our children grow in their Christian faith through Word and Song.
We’re going to ask our missionary groups to support us in these efforts.  In these increasingly secular days, the biggest missional task we face is the one we face at home.  Our children and teachers need your prayers.  They need your support.  They need your financial assistance.  We want our children to grow in both their sense of identity as Christians and we want them to grow connected to their peers throughout our Circuit, District and our Synod.
Some fascinating projects in our Synod are happening right now.  There are a lot of preparations being made which we might take advantage of in anticipation of the upcoming celebration of the Reformation’s 500th Anniversary.  This will be observed throughout calendar year 2017.  There’s also an effort to launch what will effectively become an LCMS version (both directed and funded) of the Peace Corps.  We’re looking for young people, who know Him whom they have believed, to go forth in service in His Name.
In addition to these things, I’m always wondering what I could do better to serve you.  I still have my “ear to the ground” for both singles’ and marriage retreats and it’s a constant challenge to keep the focus of our teaching and preaching on our unique confession of the Christian faith.
We Lutherans are all about grace.  It’s all about what He has done for us.  Our confession is all about His Word and His faithfulness, that people might hear about Him and having heard, believe in Him.  We’re tenacious about this.  You see it in our service.  You hear it in our hymns.  Lord willing, you recognize it in the difference between Lutheran preaching and the kind of preaching you hear on the radio.  You won’t hear us say, “Lord, I’m doing it for you” or “Christ, I give my heart to you”.  Instead, you
hear, “While we were yet still sinners, Christ died for the ungodly (Rom 5:8)” and “This is love: not that we have loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins (1 Jn 4:10)”.  We presume to know nothing but Christ Jesus and Him crucified that the world might put their hope – not in their feelings…not in their intentions or knowledge or experience or culture…but in Jesus who is faithful.  He alone is the One who is always forgiving and the One who is never anything but true.
I urge you all to encourage each other to grow in this confession.  When all is said and done, let it be said of us that we placed no stumbling block before our neighbor other than the stone of stumbling and the rock of offense – Jesus Christ our Lord.  He is the sure foundation and the only hope for salvation in this fallen world.

Youth News
Catechism classes
Catechism classes will begin on Wednesday, September 7th at 6:15.  All are welcome to join us for a meal which will be served from 5:45-6:15
Adult Catechesis
Want to know more about what it means to be a Lutheran Christian?  Would you like to be able to better communicate your faith or to just simply have a library of accessible answers at your fingertips?  The Lutheran Hour has put together a new resource call “GOD Connects”.  It’s perfect for personal study or to even go through together with a friend.  It’s structured with short, to the point videos which address the fundamentals of the Christian faith.  For more information see:

July 31st, 2016 is Youth Sunday.  Please join us for worship at 10:30 a.m. There is a meal provided by the youth for the congregation after worship.  Those that attended the Youth gathering will be sharing their experience with all of us at this meal
 Jerome once called the book of Isaiah (particularly the 53rd chapter) “the fifth gospel”.  This fall, for our Adult Sunday School class, we will be looking at the powerful Gospel proclamations that God made through this greatest prophet of the Old Testament.  Join us from September 11th to November 27th as we examine the work of what some have called “the fifth evangelist”.


Our congregation has 8 youth and 4 adults attending the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans this year.  Please join us in praying for their journey to be one that is safe, inspiring, and full of outreach & worship!

McPherson County Fair
Concession Stand
Sign up sheets in Narthex. Be sure to double check your date & time if you already signed up! Many youth are gone so we are short staffed this year & this is one of the biggest fundraisers we have!  Thanks!

Congregation News
•    July 20th – Council Meeting 7:00 pm Fellowship Hall

•    July 24th – Potluck & Voter’s Meeting

•    Planning Meeting -  Date & Time to be announced. Personnel: Committee & Group Leaders  w/Pastor Horne. Please start planning for your future events now to share at meeting.

•    August 14th – During the Ice Cream Social a special recognition will occur for our four organists. Please plan to attend.

•    We’re on Facebook:
•    If you’d like to be added to the private group, please notify Julie or Pastor Horne


David Sebits is attending the National LCMS Convention July 9th- 14th in Milwaukee, Wi.  He is representing our Kansas Circuit of congregations.  Please pray for a safe trip while he is away.  We greatly appreciate David’s commitment to this convention.  He is sacrificing time away from his family while serving God and our circuit.  Thank you David!
If you’re interested in learning more about what our church is discussing in the convention, the Synod has a website for just that:

Board of Missions
August 14th - Congregation Appreciation Ice Cream Social 6:30 pm.  Special recognition during the evenings events!
October 9th – Mission Festival  Pastor  Todd Kollbaum will be speaking on the Rural & Small Town Mission. Potluck dinner following worship.
Remember the Food Donation Box in Fellowship Hall! The monthly list of food bank      recipients is on the bulletin board! Thank you for your willingness to donate!

                                                                                      July 9th – LWML Prayer Breakfast at 8:30 a.m. at Modd’s, Main St. , Moundridge, Ks.
August 16th – Regular Meeting at church Fellowship Hall 7:00 p.m.
October 15th - Fall LWML District Meeting at Our Redeemer Church, Hutchinson, Ks.

Monday Night
Bible Study
We will resume our bible study September 12th.  We will begin with Chapter 9 so be sure to read through it before meeting at 7:00 p.m. on September 12th. Thank you!
Please plan to join us for our next bible study.  Monday nights are filled with fellowship, fun, and being in the Word! You don’t have to be a bible scholar to join in!  It’s a learning experience for all of us! All are welcome!


Layman’s League
The Lutheran Hour continues to produce fantastic resources for catechesis, evangelism and missions.  Be sure and check them out!
Our men’s group will resume our monthly meetings and bible study on Tuesday, September 6th at 7:00 p.m.  Come and join us!
We’ll begin this fall by looking at a new video from LHM called “We the Church”.
Wednesday Night
Bible Study
The Wednesday night bible study will resume meeting on September 7th, at 7:30 p.m.  We’ll begin this fall by looking at the Words spoken by our Lord to the 7 Churches of Revelation.  All are invited.

Kansas District News
Find even more news at
Retreat Center

The retreat center is available for rent.  
To learn more about the center, follow the link below or contact Shannon by emailing her at

Saints Alive After 55
July 17-19th
Theme: “Who Will Tell Them”
Deut. 4:9
Spiritual Life Center- Wichita, Ks

National LCMS News
Find even more news at


    District President
Peter K. Lange
Rev. Lange served as Senior Pastor of St. John’s, Topeka from 1999 until 2015 when he was elected as the District President. Prior to that he was Associate Pastor at St. Paul’s in Concordia, Missouri for nine years. He is a 1984 graduate of Concordia College in River Forest, Illinois and a 1988 graduate of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana where he also earned an S.T.M. in New Testament studies in 1998. While in the Missouri District, Pastor Lange served on the district’s Board for Parish Education, as well as in several other district and circuit positions. President Lange is currently enrolled in the continuing pastoral education program called DOXOLOGY, which describes itself as “the Lutheran Center for Spiritual Care and Counsel.” He and his wife Marcia have four daughters: Stephanie, Rebecca, Kristin, and Elizabeth.

Did you know…
The Kansas District has 162 congregations, 15 elementary schools and 48 preschools!

Rural & Small Town Mission
RSTM supports and encourages rural and small-town congregations in engaging their communities and growing together in Christ through Word and Sacrament.
Learn more about RSTM at or by calling Amy
at 888-463-5127.

RSTM National Conference Nov. 3-5th, Wichita Hyatt Regency,

13th LCMS President
Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison
He was elected in 2010 and re-elected in 2013.  Harrison and his wife live in Ballwin, Mo., and are members of Village Lutheran Church in Ladue, Mo., where Harrison also serves as assistant pastor. They have two sons. Harrison is an avid banjo player and instrumentalist who makes guitars, banjos and mandolins.  To learn more about him visit:

From the Church Office.....
•    Bulletin deadline is 3:00 p.m. on Thursdays.   
•    Monthly Calendar deadlines are the last Thursday of the current month by 3:00 p.m. (sooner the better though)
•    We hope to provide the congregation with a quarterly newsletter.  Our goal is to have them in July, October, January, and April. Which means the board leaders should have their information for upcoming events to us prior to the end of the previous month.  If we have an email address for you, it will be emailed to you.  A limited number of copies will be printed and placed in the Narthex.
The most helpful way to make sure we do not forget to list your announcement or prayer request or add information is to email it to or leave a note on the church desk or in the file folder marked for the upcoming Sunday.  

Thank you to those that have updated or emailed me regarding  your member information.  It will be a continued process of updating but we are on the right road!  If you know if some information that is incorrect, just let me know!  I am looking for wedding anniversaries too!
Thanks so much!
Celebration Corner!           
2nd: Kimberly Smith
3rd:  LeRoy Klatt
5th: Chad Schlicht
6th:  Jennifer Johnson & Kyle Colburn
10th:  Marie Bandy
11th: Trevin Wiens
12th: Kinsley Vogts
13th: Mary Steffes
13th: Darin Klingensmith
14th Katie Cessna
15th Geneva Price & Tom Bunn
16th: Jill Klingensmith
20th: Milton Vogts
23rd: Tom Harker
25th: Jace Anderson
28th: Anita Beasley, Rachel Weyand
30th: Bo Moddelmog

2nd: Stuart Vogts & Jolene Schmidt
4th: Paula Wedel
6th: Corliss Harker
7th: Steven Vogts
9th: Melissa Thomas
13th: Brent Nutter & Pat Queen
15th: Jayci Mastre
20th: Marilyn Vogts & Justin Bacon
22nd: Layton Wiens
23rd: Bev  Moddelmog
24th: Jay B ullinger
25th: Pam Bacon & Peri Lange
27th: Renae Renken
31st: Craig Crouse

2nd: Maxine Vogts & Connie Bullinger & Brian Otte
3rd: Jackson Schmidt
7th: Juanita Otte
9th: Jacob Crouse
10th: Justin Smith
11th: Cory Moddelmog
12th: Sarah Vogts
13th: Robert Price & Joyce Renken
14th: Rose Klataske
15th: April Hamm
18th: Nick Vogts & Barret Moddelmog
20th: Gene Moddelmog & Lindsey Moddelmog
21st: Van Bacon
23rd: Richard Vogts & Robert Vogts & Lana Vogts
24th: Daryl Klataske
25th: Kaydee Kuhn
28th: Micahel Thomas, Anthony Otte,  & Lucas Beasley
20th: Patti Moddelmog
Wedding Anniversaries
3rd: David & Dixie Sebits
10th: Leland & Juanita  Boesker
23rd: Lloyd & Pam Otte
25th: Fred & Joyce Renken
            Courtney & Krystal Moddelmog
26th: Brad & Andrea Potter
27th: Dale & Marie Bandy

7th:  Kenny & Judy Thomas
11th:  Johnny & Sarajane Carder
12th: Dawn & Park Mastre
15th: Brent & Kris Moddelmog
24th: Darin & Jill Klingensmith
29th: Randy & Sherri Jones
31st: David & Charlene Rupp

17th: Daryl & Rose Klataske
21st: Stuart & Bev Moddelmog
29th: George & Melanie Vogts



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